10 Best AC Repair Contractor Schools For Heating & Cooling

Do you want to become the Best HVAC Repair Contractor in your area?

If you want to be the best AC repair contractor your area has to offer and work for the best heating and air company looking to hire an HVAC contractor to help improve the air quality and utility bills of both business owners and homeowners in your city or town, this article may just help.

Today we will go over the 10 best heating and air conditioning schools to attend if you want the best HVAC degree you can get and land the best heating and cooling jobs available in your area.  

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10 Best Heating & Central Air Repair Schools In The United States

1. Lewis-Clark State College 

Lewis-Clark State College logo

This is one of the best heating and air conditioning repair contractor schools in the United States. This school boasts the best programs in HVAC technology. This school normally offers both one year and two years of technical certificate programs. 

Additionally, it also offers an Associate of Applied Science and also a bachelor’s in applied sciences. These programs normally emphasize on HVAC services such as repairing and maintaining heating systems and air conditioning systems. 

heating and central air repair program

The students are trained on all the technical details involved in these systems. The course topics normally include resistive heating, electricity, motors and gas heat. The students receive training on how to service HVAC units and appliances and on completion of their programs, they are issued technical certificates and advanced technical certificates respectively. 

This school is located in Lewiston City in the state of Idaho.

Website: https://www.lcsc.edu

2. Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University logo

This is another HVAC training college which offers one of the best programs. In fact, it offers about 45-credit certificate programs in heating and cooling and the students are trained to become fully skilled HVAC technicians. 

The students once enrolled begin studying the basic heating and refrigeration, air conditioner repairs and servicing as well as applied electricity. On completion of their training, the students are issued with certificates and are ready to work on both residential and commercial HVAC equipment. 

HVAC science program

This school is in the state of Michigan, USA.

Website: https://www.nmu.edu/northern-michigan-university

3. The University of Alaska

university of Alaska logo

This school is also considered one of the best HVAC training programs in the country. They normally do this by offering an Occupational Endorsement Certificate in commercial HVAC systems through an extended campus location by the name Matanuska-Sistna College. Students who enroll in this school are able to learn courses like technical mathematics for industrial trades and also codes for HVAC-R. 

heating and cooling class

This school is in Anchorage in the state of Alaska.

Website: https://www.alaska.edu/alaska

4. Capstone College

Capstone College HVAC training

This school provides proper training to the students enrolled here. They provide real equipment similar to those used in ones available in this industry. The student will have to attend a continuous 900 hours of training or 36 weeks to be able to cover every detail entailed in this program. 

Upon completion of the training, they are issued with an HVAC contractor certificate. This college offers the best HVAC programs in Los Angeles and all through the state of California. It normally ensures that the students they train are ready for licensing by the state contractor’s license board. 

HVAC training program

This college is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.

Website: http://capstonecollege.edu

5. San Diego City College

San Diego City College logo

This is another school that is considered to be an exceptional school and offers HVAC programs in the USA. Once the student enrolls for an HVAC program in this school, they will have to complete a minimum of 60 units. 

Students who are able to complete the training program can be able to diagnose and repair HVAC equipment easily and effectively using minimum replacement parts. They are usually well-prepared for career options such as air conditioning refrigeration contractors and many more. They become qualified HVAC technicians on the completion of training programs from this school. 

heating and air conditioning school

This school is in San Diego city in the state of California.

Website: https://www.sdcity.edu

6. University of California- Berkely

Berkeley University Logo

This is one of the best schools in California that offers HVAC training programs. The student can enroll for an undergraduate Certificate in HVAC. This program provides students with the required technical principles and knowledge that enables them to design new HVAC systems and to also retrofit existing systems to meet the energy efficiency guidelines. 

This program and its curriculum are overseen by an advisory board of industry and senior education leaders. This school ensures that the education they provide is relevant and up to date. Upon completion of this training program, students are issued with a certificate and acquire the title as certified HVAC technicians. 

HVAC repair

Website: https://www.berkeley.edu

7. Brownson Technical School

Brownson Technical School logo

Brownson Technical is another school that offers the best HVAC programs in the USA. Here, the HVAC training program is normally available in two options. There is one for experienced professionals and one for newcomers to the HVAC industry. 

This training program will take you 10 months for full-time students and at least 22 months for part-time students. The training the students receive enables them to diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and servicing, refrigeration on heating and cooling systems. 

Students are also trained on how to install new systems and getting hands-on experience with various technologies that are related to the HVAC industry. This school is currently accredited through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. 

heating and cooling training

This school is in Anaheim city in the state of California.

Website: https://brownson.edu

8. Long Beach City College

Long Beach City College logo

Long Beach City College is another California school that offers HVAC training programs in the USA. They have a program such as Associate of Science (AS) Degree program Majoring In Air Conditioning/Refrigeration. 

This training program normally requires the student to complete a total of 60 units which include some 30 units in Air conditioning/Refrigeration Theory and Practice major and some other 19 units in General Education/AS. It is a training program that usually prepares students for entry-level positions in air conditioning and refrigeration. 

Long Beach City College HVAC training

This program also includes HVACR technology for both industrial and commercial applications. Once the students complete this program, they can repair and service HVAC units as per the North America Technician Excellence (NATE) standards. 

Website:  https://www.lbcc.edu

9. Mt. San Antonio College

Mt San Antonio College logo

This school offers HVAC programs such as AS in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. In this program, students cover topics such as mechanical and electrical fundamentals, Air properties, advanced electrical and mechanical welding and many more. 

The curriculum of this program is a mix of theory and practical teachings. The program prepares students to handle all types of HVAC equipment without a problem. This college is in Walnut city in the state of California.

Mt San Antonio College HVAC program

Website: https://www.mtsac.edu

10. Riverside City College

Riverside City College logo

This school is well known for training students in various HVAC programs. For instance, students can undergo a training program like Construction Pre-Apprenticeship training. This training program requires one to at least 140 hours of thorough training. 

Upon completion of this training program, students are issued with industry-recognized certificates. They can now handle repairs and servicing of HVAC equipment.

HVAC college

Website:  https://www.rcc.edu


Now that you know the 10 best HVAC schools to attend if you want to become one of the best heat pump and central air conditioning repairman as well as get hired by one of the best HVAC companies according to the Better Business Bureau in your area, you are now off to a great start.

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