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The #1 HVAC contractors in Wilmington, NC

Many companies claim that they offer the best HVAC contractors Wilmington NC has to offer.  But the truth be told that claim is completely up to the customers to decide on.  Just because one customer feels that one companies contractors do the best work does not necessarily mean that someone else will feel the same.  What simply works for one person doesn’t always work for another.

The fact is that there are many companies that offer contractors that have amazing knowledge of HVAC systems.  I truly don’t believe that there is a company that performs a bad job in the heating and cooling field in the entire Wilmington, NC area.  That is why many people opinions differ on whom is truly the best contracting company.  It is really just a preference, and the beauty is that there is no bad decision you can make.

HVAC Service Call

Is your HVAC system in need of a service call?

The time for a HVAC service Wilmington NC call is here.  Summer has arrived and the hot and humid weather has started.  If you have not already had a service call it is very important that you make an appointment today!  If your heating and cooling unit is not prepared for the weather to come it could be a big issue.

It is not important just to have your HVAC system checked out for the comfort of yourself.  This is also imperative to the life of your heating and cooling system.  Your unit is sitting outside having the hot sun beaming down on it all day.  This can cause your system to overheat if it is not properly prepared to take on these kind of conditions.  If it overheats your unit will stop working, calling for a repair instead of a simple service call.

How To Repair A Broken AC Unit In Wilmington, NC

Do you know How To Repair a Broken AC Unit?

If your air conditioner has stopped working and you live in the Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Castle Hayne, and Rocky Point, North Carolina area, AC repair Wilmington NC is the best type of service to perform. This is a service that can be performed yourself. If you do decide to go this route you must make sure you know entirely what you are doing. This kind of service requires knowledge of an AC unit, but if you can perform it your cooling unit will work great once you are finished.

For a guide on how to repair your broken HVAC system yourself, watch the following video:

If you question yourself whether or not you have the knowledge to perform this type of AC service, do not attempt it. Go ahead and call a professional HVAC company that specializes in this type of 7 days a week heat pump and gas furnace services to keep your system running smoothly all year long. Be sure to ask whichever company you call if they know how to perform this kind of job before you hire them. Other services will work but just not as good.

To give you a head start on finding the best HVAC companies in the Wilmington, NC area, I have prepared the following list for you of the Top 10 AC repair companies in the area.

Top 10 AC Repair Companies In Wilmington, NC:

A comfortable environment is an important need for prolonged productivity and creativity. Comfort air conditioning systems have brought us this much-appreciated comfort. The HVAC technology, short for” Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning” is used in air conditioning devices to provide the most comfortable environment possible. It can provide heating and cooling as needed, filter the air, and also add moisture or get rid of it as needed. Literally, the device packs a combo for comfort. 

Due to the specific weather condition of Wilmington, North Carolina, this technology is a must need. And important devices need to be repaired well and fast, so knowledge of top HVAC system repair shops sometimes proves to be important to have. While searching for such repairing companies, we usually get confused, as there are lots of options available. So, in this piece of writing, you’ll find a squeezed list of top 10 AC repair Wilmington NC based company who repair efficiently yet are affordable. Here is a list of renowned HVAC repair companies: 

1. Beat the Heat

Obtaining great energy efficiency and improving air quality is the main goal of Beat the Heat. They provide specially designed brush and vacuum, which can easily scrub and remove all dangerous contaminants from dryer vents and air ducts. Their specialty also extends to servicing commercial equipment, even maintaining and repairing restaurants. List of their services are:

• Heat Pump Repair Services

• Installation Team

• Cleaning

Phone Number: N/A

Address: 6420 Amsterdam Way Ste J Wilmington, NC 2840

2. Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina

This company has been providing service of repair and maintenance of all air conditioning and heating equipment from 2011. It is a NATE certified Repair Company, who provides 24/7, emergency service for your need. They work with a team of licensed and efficient individuals and guarantees satisfaction. Services they offer are:

• Air conditioning system repair

• System parts replacement

• Heat pumps repair

• Installation service

Phone Number: (910) 212-6081

Address: Hampstead, NC, 28443

3. Coastal Heating & Air

Being one of the eldest companies, Coastal Heating & Air is making homes comfortable in North Brunswick, Duplin, Bladen, Southern Onslow, and New Hanover regions. They work fast and efficiently, as they can provide their best services while installing an HVAC system in 3 to 4 days. Their service is available for both commercial and residential housing. Their efficient technicians also suggest the best system suitable for your specific needs. The services they provide are:

• Goodman and Trane Systems

• Equipment Installation

• Equipment Repairs

• Maintenance


Phone Number- N/A

Address- 121 Arlington Dr. Wilmington, NC 2840

4. O’Brien Service Company

This is a repairing company which is owned and operated locally has been providing service for over 3 decades of time. They provide highly trained and versatile technicians, guaranteeing the repair of any type of air conditioning systems. With guaranteed satisfaction, they provide high-quality service all over Brunswick, Pender, and New Hanover. The main services they provide are:

• Installation

• Maintenance

• Repair

• Customer Service

Phone Number- N/A

Address: 3308 Enterprise Dr. Wilmington, NC 2840

5. Excel Air

The local dealer of Carrier air conditioning machines, Excel air has been providing excellent service since 2007. They are also Duke Energy Progress prequalified in Heating and Air Conditioning Contract. Having high customer satisfaction and referral rate, they also provide replacement services for air conditioning units. Also, you will get the free consultancy from their hard-working, top class technicians while working with them, who will always help you to get more bangs for your buck. The main services they offer are: 

• System Installation

• Repair

• Replacement

• Maintenance

• Original machine and parts

Phone Number: (910) 686-0123 & (910) 470-9797

Address: 3301-A Merchant Court, Wilmington, NC 28405

6. Salt Air, Inc.

Salt Air, Inc. has been providing the AC repairing service since 2012 in the NC area. Their extraordinary repairing services easily make them one of the best. The Salt Air, Inc. has an efficient and professional team of mechanics who are devoted to their work. They provide both installing and repairing service as well as handle regular maintenance of the air conditioning and HVAC machines. Customer satisfaction is their primary goal, thus they work with care and keep working to ensure the maximum cleaning. They also have some comfort specialists for best indoor service. 

Phone Number- (910) 777-3539

Address- P.O. Box 12210, Wilmington, NC 28405

7. All in One Services

All in One Service is a reputed award-winning repairing company that offering their service since 1989. They provide HVAC repairing service throughout the North Carolina. In order to ensure the customer’s safety, they offer insurance service over the repairing procedure. They are a well-resourced company with an efficient labor team which is also affordable. All in One Service offers following repairing service:

• Repairs

• Allow Total Parts 

• Cheap Labor Plan

• Replacement Service

Phone Number: N/A

Address: 130 Cinema Dr. Wilmington, NC 2840

8. Anderson Air

With a dedicated repairing team, Anderson Air becomes one of the most popular repairing service providers. They have such expertise to repair flawlessly in order to ensure that your system works properly without any hazard. Anderson Air also offers cheap rate with a decent option of negotiation. Following services they’re providing currently:

• HVAC system repairing

• Maintenance

• Installing

Phone Number: (910) 239-8821

Address: Anderson Air 419 Raleigh St D Wilmington, NC 28412

9. Randolph Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC

Randolph Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC founded by Lindell Randolph has been successfully run their service providing business since 2009. They were established under some legal certification of NC. Randolph’s repairing service is one of the best among others in the city. They offer flawless repairing service for AC and heating machines.

Phone Number- (910) 399-6723

Address- 925 S Kerr Ave Ste G6, Wilmington, NC 28403

10. Jerry & Son Heating & Air

Jerry & Son Heating & Air has some experienced and skilled labor for repairing service and other related service HVAC. They are a reliable service provider in the city who can operate all kinds of work whether it is large or tiny. Their main goal is to customer satisfaction, so the hard-working team devoted to their work for perfection. Jerry & Son Heating & Air repairing company has a reasonable servicing rate with some discount for both commercial and residential customers. Following service they usually provide:

• Installation

• Repairing

• Maintenance

Phone Number: (910) 200-3855

Address: Wilmington, NC 28403

Things to Consider before Picking HVAC Service Professionals:

Your HVAC system is one of your main comfort machines. While living in such weather at Wilmington, it is necessary to take such steps so that your entire home and office HVAC appliances work well. So maintenance is the key here. You should find the perfect service provider and get their effective service regularly. 

So, how to find such efficient individuals? Here some solutions are given. In order to find the best repairing service, you should consider some factors like the company’s reputation, customer review, and quality of work. You also should check whether the prospect company is well-equipped or not. And last but the least, compare the price. 

After considering all these factors, pick the best one which is better suited for you according to both budget and needs. The best 10 companies mentioned above provide the best and quality service throughout the city. So there is no risk picking any of them. Feel free to hire one of them and repair your HVAC system immediately when required and don’t forget to run the regular maintenance.

For more ideas and information on Heating and Air repair companies and how to locate them, be sure to read the following related articles.

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HVAC Parts & Supply

Looking for HVAC Supply & Parts?

If your in need of parts or HVAC supply Wilmington NC, then we are the best company to contact.  We are proud to offer the best HVAC parts and supply that the industry has available. You can’t run a heating and cooling company if you don’t have the parts or supply to take on every need the customer has.

For this reason we only carry the best.  Not only do we sell the best parts and supply for your heating and cooling system, we can also install them for you. We also have certified HVAC contractors that come and install the best for you.  We provide service for all the areas needed to help you live comfortable in your workplace or home.

We offer parts and supply for both commercial and residential HVAC jobs.  So there is no longer a need to worry about where to find the best parts for your heating and cooling system.


Looking for HVAC work in Wilmington, NC?

The amount of work in HVAC Wilmington NC has to offer right now is amazing! Contractors are hiring all over the city.  Companies cannot keep up with the workloads that they are having presented to them.  This is largely because of all the buildings going up throughout the metropolitan area.

If you are looking for HVAC work then just simply stop by one of the construction sites that you pass on a daily basis.  There is a very good chance that they are looking for more contractors to hire.  As long has you are certified and you have all your documents to prove it then you stand a very good chance landing a job.

If you are not certified then still stop by because many companies are willing to train and pay for the certification process.  The demand for HVAC contractors is simply this high right now.

Fixing Your HVAC System

You want the best HVAC supply to fix your HVAC system!

HVAC supply Wilmington NC is what you will need if you want to try and fix your own HVAC system.  This is the best HVAC supply that the industry has to offer.  You don’t want to settle for just any equipment that you can find to fix your heating and cooling system.  Cause if you do not do use the best parts and do not do it correctly then you run the risk of messing your entire system up.

York carries some of the best HVAC parts and supplies that there is to offer.  So I highly recommend using their products over other companies products.  If choose to go with another companies products then be sure to research them before you purchase them.  If you install a bad part into your HVAC system you cold very well destroy it forever.